NSTU and the Department of Physical Culture and Sport of the Novosibirsk Region Government will conclude an agreement on cooperation

16 February, 2018 17:14:00
The agreement would allow all sportsmen – students and schoolchildren of the Novosibirsk Region – to use the track-and-field athletics hall in the Sports Centre of NSTU for sports training.
The track-and-field hall is the only sports facility in the Novosibirsk Region where it’s officially possible to hold competitions of the level of regional superiority and higher in athletics and many other sports.
During the award ceremony, medals and certificates of merit will be presented to the students of NSTU – the winners of All-Russian competitions: Tatyana Konakova and Grigory Shikhaleev, the Russian champions in individual and team competitions in sports aerobics, and Olga Novgorodskaya, the silver medalist in athletics.

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