The meeting on the development of the innovation structure in the region was held at NSTU

26 February, 2018 12:12:00
The participants discussed issues related to the organization work of the program A: START and attract talented youth to participate in the program of business-acceleration. Business-accelerator A: START is one of the best acceleration programs in the country thanks to which start-ups in IT, instrumentation engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology and medicine are being created and developed since 2010. The project helped to create more than a hundred successful start-ups during seven years.
The Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk Region Olga G. Orlova, director of the fund «Technopark Akademgorodok» Aleksey L. logvinskiy, the heads of sections of biotechnologies, instrumentation engineering and information technologies presented new decisions for the organization work of project teams, the program of the spring session, the conditions for participation of business-incubators of higher institutions, including the work of expert juries of the program A: Start.
Evgeniya Gorevaya (Candidate of Economical Science), the leader of NSTU student business-incubator familiarized the participants with the project for the development of interuniversity network business-incubator, the operator of which is Novosibirsk State Technical University, as the flagship university of the region. Its goal is to launch an interuniversity business incubation platform to activate the work of student project teams and start-ups. This platform integrates intellectual and material resources of universities. It will help to expand the possibilities of business-accelerator A: Start and make the accelerating program accessible and useful for the most of start-up teams of the region.
In 2018 the interuniversity network business-incubator with its base at NSTU launches a network of activities to promote innovation, training, increase the activity of the start-up community in the region, the organization of StartUp Battle and innovative competitions. Efforts are being made to create an IT-platform for informing and network online interaction of startup communities in the region.

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