Competitors of Musk: production of «uninterruptible devices» developed in NSTU will begin in Novosibirsk

21 February, 2018 12:36:00
The first Russian energy storage system of high power will be produced in Novosibirsk and will be delivered to the customer by the subsidiary company «DC system» (SPT) in 2018.
Director-General of «SPT» Vyacheslav Kolesnikov at the presentation of a new production line said that the first consumer will be a company from the oil and gas industry. However, in his opinion, in the future the main consumers of storage devices will be households and municipalities, for which is up to 80 per cent of sales in the west.
The essence of the development is the creation of equipment complex, which allows accumulating electrical energy during the excess period and simultaneously return it to the network during periods of shortage. The system of energy storage during the emergency shutdown of the main power supply will give the possibility to continuously supply electric power to industrial and economic objects, human settlements and other consumers.
Two energy storage devices have been developed at present: ESS-1 (Energy Storage System) with a capacity of 100 to 500 kilowatt-hours and ESS-2 – 2-32 megawatt-hours. A 2-megawatt storage will provide power an average-sized population center for an hour, and the device with 32 megawatt-hour – a small town. The energy storage systems haven’t yet been produced in Russia, they are made only by a few manufactures in the world. It is suggested that the Russian development will be substantially cheaper than foreign analogues. Initially, ESS-1 will cost about 10 million rubles; the price will begin to decline with the output growth.
RUSNANO participates in the project to create powerful Russian «uninterruptible devices». The supervisory board of the Fund of infrastructural and educational programs of RUSNANO approved the establishment of a joint company «Energy Storage System», which will be engaged in the engineering of devices.
It is suggested that the whole cluster for the production of energy storage systems will appear in Novosibirsk: batteries for «uninterruptible devices» will be supplied by the plant «Liotech» (a project company of RUSNANO) and by NZHK, supercapacitors – by Novosibirsk plant of radio components «Oxide», at least twenty Novosibirsk enterprises will be involved. About 95 per cent of the Russian components will be engaged in the production of storage devices, while engineers did not managed to replace only import controllers.
The Mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, attended the presentation of the samples of energy storage devices and highly appreciated the prospects: «Uninterruptible devices» will find the widest application in the economy of the Novosibirsk Region. Nowadays, life-support systems are founded on electric power. «Gorvodokanal» needs reserve. In the event of power failure the serious problems can arise: we will just drown in wastewater. Another application of these devices is dwelling houses. A diesel generator must be installed in each high-rise building in case of fire to ensure the right functioning of the elevators. This generator sits idle. An energy storage system could be installed instead of it and simultaneously solve other tasks. It’s a huge market. Houses are put in operation every month».
The Mayor has instructed his deputies to consider the use of the storage devices in «Gorelectrotransport», in Novosibirsk metro and «Gorvodokanal».
Energy storage devices were developed at the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at NSTU under the scientific supervision of vice rector for academic affairs and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Sergey Brovanov,  the technical support was provided by Doctor of Technical Sciences and the head of the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, professor Sergey Kharitonov.
The project was implemented within the frameworks of the grant of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
«The energy storage devices developed by us will increase the efficiency and stability in electric power supply for consumers, and also will improve the quality of electrical energy. It would allow reducing the wear of electrical networks and electrical equipment. The other problem that will be solved is the provision of additional electricity during peak consumption», the scientific leader of the project, Doctor of Technical Sciences Sergey V. Brovanov says.
In December 2017, Tesla set up the world’s largest energy storage with a capacity of 100 megawatts in Australia. NSTU scientists are not going to stop on their achievements but plan to increase capacity of their devices using high-voltage semiconductor converters.
The company «SPT» has been producing uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), industrial chargers and power management systems since 1992. Among clients are the following companies: «ROSSETI», «GASPROM», «Russian Railways», «ALROSA», «Nornickel» and other large Russian companies.
Currently, 80% of the company’s specialists are graduates of NSTU. With increasing scales of production new specialists will be required, which are also planned to be invited from the flagship university of the Novosibirsk Region.

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