Novosibirsk State Technical University (before 1992 – Novosibirsk Electric Technical Institute, NETI) admitted its first students in 1953. A total of 161 young people started studying at the first two faculties, Radio Engineering and Electromechanical. The first group of students graduated from the institute in 1958.

Foreign students started studying at NETI in 1956.

NETI-NSTU has prepared more than 90,000 specialists, many of which have become well-known scientists, heads of enterprises working both in our country and abroad.

In 2001 the NSTU-NETI Alumni Association was established.

The President of the Association is Gennady Nikolaevich Kulipanov, D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics),a graduate of Faculty of Radio Engineering, Class 1963, an academician ofRussian Academy of Science (RAS), the Vice-President of the RAS Siberian Branch, the deputy director of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Alumni are actively involved in the life of the University participating in meetings with current and future students and their parents, taking part in joint projects and supporting the University and its talented students.

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