The first graffiti-printer in Russia is tested in NSTU

23 April, 2018 15:17:00
Novosibirsk State Technical University tested the first Russian printer for graffiti. 

In the hall of the second building of NSTU appeared the image of the famous scientist Nikola Tesla, created with the help of an innovative device. The Serbian scientist, known for his experiments with the transferring energy by distance, logically fitted into the space of the Faculty of Power Engineering, located in the 2nd building of NSTU.

The device prints with ordinary acrylic paints, with which graffiti is drawn. The device can print any image downloaded in jpeg format. The printer can create drawings of almost any size. The device has no analogues in Russia and has a number of advantages over foreign "rivals".

According to the inventor, in comparison with Western devices, Russian printer allows to get a sharper image. In addition, the printer is less demanding to the quality of the ink used.

The author of the device is Yuri Tarshetskiy, an inventor from Novosibirsk. The printer assembled from improvised materials and parts. The operation of the printer is based on the pneumatic spraying of the paint.

The printer will be presented to public during the first in the world graffiti-battle between human and printer: both of them will illustrate two sides of the building of Novosibirsk State Technical University. The date of the battle will be announced later.

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