Semifinal of 3D-technologies Olympiad on NSTU basis: children print a plastic pump model

30 May, 2018 15:16:00
Within the framework of the VI International Forum of Technological Development "TECHNOPROM-2018" the semifinal of the Olympiad on 3D-technologies was held.
To participate in the competitive selection, 25 teams were registered. With the aim of developing a system of mentoring in Novosibirsk region, the current format of the teams was adopted for the Olympiad: "university student + two high school students". Teams were formed from the students of educational institutions of higher education, professional educational institutions and schoolchildren of Novosibirsk region.
Among the objectives of the Olympiad are: improving the quality of engineering education and involvement of students in educational organizations at various levels; introduction of new modern educational technologies in the educational process, as well as increasing the integration of education, science, business and government.
As a competitive task, participants were asked to develop (work in the computer-aided design system) and produce (work with additive production equipment) of the plunger pump joint. The fulfillment of the task demonstrated the following skills and competences: working with CAD systems (creating a 3D model according the presented drawings, creating a 3D model, and creating associative drawings of the construction and parts); work with files in * .stl format (generation of stl-file, getting sizes from stl-file, definition of parameters of additive production process); manufacturing of products on the equipment of additive production (adjustment, calibration); post-processing (actions after removal from the equipment for additive production, separation of samples from the base and removal of support elements, as well as machining and surface treatment); assembling of the product from the obtained parts with the addition of fasteners.
More than seventy parameters, connected with projecting, preparation for printing, preparation of documentation, assembling and testing, were used for evaluating team work.
The event was supported by the Government of Novosibirsk Region, the Association of 3D Education of Russia and several industrial partners. The winners of the semifinal will take part in the final of 3D-technologies Olympiad, which will be held in September at the VI International Forum of Technological Development "TECHNOPROM-2018".

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