NSTU Student develops the first Russian program for creating individual 3D implants for cranium surgeries

14 June, 2018 09:45:00
Master student of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of NSTU Alexander Grief has developed a program that constructs individual implants of skull for people with craniocerebral trauma (CCT). The computer program allows to abandon the standard plates, so personalized implants with individual geometry and strength can be produced, and this significantly reduces the cost of intervention: the implant takes less amount of expensive titanium. After the implementation of the technology, the implant can simply be printed on a 3D printer for metal, and not "adjusted" manually by the patient - so a new development will reduce the time of operation and the risk of complications.
Previously, to patients with craniocerebral trauma during surgical intervention were installed big details of titanium, which the doctors adjusted manually to configure precisely the affected area. The disadvantages of this technology are that it takes too much time to fit the implant during the operation, and there is also a huge waste of expensive material that is cut off when the standard preform is individually designed. The cost of one gram of titanium for the implant is 1500 rubles, and during the adjustment the piece loses up to 10 grams.

The program has already undergone initial trials in NIITO, which have shown that the implants fit well with the skull. The future plan of the developer is to increase the functionality of the system. The next step of the project is a program that will allow to build an implant model in the vast area of trauma of one side of the head, relying on the unaffected, symmetrical side. The developer plans to release the final version of the program in a one year time.

There exist several foreign analogues of "CranioCAD", but their disadvantage is that only a person with special training can work with these programs, but every doctor with basic computer skills can easily use the Russian program.

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