NSTU shows breakthrough developments to the main Siberian power engineers

06 July, 2018 13:04:00
On July 4, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of PJSC "IDGC of Siberia" (part of the Rosset group of companies) was held at Novosibirsk State Technical University. There were heads of technical units of all branches of the network company, headed by Deputy General Director for Technical Issues - chief engineer of the company Igor Sorokin. In total, more than twenty leading engineers and managers of IDGC of Siberia took part in the technical council.

Innovative developments of NSTU for power engineering were presented to the specialists of IDGC of Siberia. The participants of the meeting saw the work of the revolutionary development of NSTU Smart EnergyGate, an automatic complex that can connect small generators of electricity to the network. In the future such a system will allow owners of small generating stations to sell electricity, and not just use it for their own needs. Also, the staff of NSTU presented a new thunder-locator for power grids, which allows predicting the onset of thunderstorms and the location of lightning, which means minimizing the damage to the electric network.

The participants will also be presented a project developed by the NSTU "Bare-bunker for cities" - a super powerful energy storage device that can provide power to whole villages and even small towns. The first storage device is now implemented in the Kuyumbinsk oil and gas field.

Representatives of IDGC of Siberia expressed high interest in the developments of NSTU.

It should be noted that the Technical Council was held at the Scientific Library of NSTU. Demonstration of samples of innovative developments took place at the Center for Testing Control Devices and Controlling Modes of Energy Systems.

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