After being pulled out from the lake, the strike-fighter IL-2 will be repaired at NSTU

19 September, 2018 12:12:00
After being pulled out from the lake, the strike-fighter IL-2 will be repaired at NSTU
On September, 17 the strike-fighter IL-2, pulled out from the lake Kulong in Murmansk region in August, was brought to Novosibirsk State Technical University. The lifting work was done by the staff of the ‘Wings of Victory’ foundation whose mission is to find and repair the aircrafts shot down during the World War II, and specialists from the Headquarters of Deep-Sea explorations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The strike-fighter IL-2 piloted by Alexander Kalichev, the captain of the 3d flying squadron of the Northern navy aviation regiment, was shot down by anti-aircraft fire in combat near the enemy base at Loutsari in Murmansk region on August, 22 1943. In spite of the engine damage, the pilot continued fighting and managed to return to host territory and landed the aircraft on the lake surface. The soft landing and silty bottom of the lake prevented the aircraft from severe damage.

The pilot Alexander Kalichev managed to come off the aircraft. For the merit beyond the duty demonstrated at the air attack near Loutsari he was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner. After the war Kalichev remained in army service retired in the rank of lieutenant-colonel in 1955.

The aircraft will be repaired by the firm ‘Aviaresavratziya’ (Aircraft Restoration) under the supervision of Vladimir Berns, Dr of Sci. (Engineering) and Professor of the Aircraft Strength Department of NSTU. The aircraft is supposed to be restored to flight status.

After restoration the aircraft is planned to participate in air shows all over the world. ‘Aviarestavratziya’ and NSTU faculty have already restored to flight status two aircrafts IL-2 shot down during WWII. Now they are objects of interest at international air shows. In 2018 the ‘Wings of Victory’ foundation received many invitations to demonstrate the restored aircrafts from Great Britain, Germany, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden. The demonstration flights of the restored aircrafts can be seen at different events in Russia, including MAKS Avia show, Victory Days celebrations, Days of Commemoration and Grief, Air Force celebration, city festivals and other important events. The plans to launch the Center for Demonstrating historical aircrafts are under way. One of the possible locations for the Center might become aerodrome in Kubinka as a part of the ‘Patriot’ park air cluster.

Vladimir Berns pointed out that the aircraft in question is the only sample of that class of machines survived. It is one of the first single-pilot modifications, which severely suffered during the first months of WWII. The strike-fighters IL-2 which were restored by the firm ‘Aviarestavratziya’ belong to later modifications and are twin-seaters. — the aircraft being pulled out the lake — underwater filming of IL-2 on the bottom of the lake — the restored IL-2 taking off — the flight of the restored IL-2 at the air show ILA-2018 in Berlin

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