On November, 2-4 the III International Scientific and Practical Conference «Russia and China: bilateral cooperation and regional aspect» will be held

01 November, 2018 15:15:00
The conference will take place at the international exhibition center "Novosibirsk Expo Centre". The conference is organized by cooperation of NSTU Training Center "Confucius Institute", the Department of International Relations and Regional Studies, the Administration of International affairs of the Novosibirsk region with the support of the State Chancellery of the People’s Republic of China on promotion of Chinese language.

The plenary and group session presentations will address the following issuees:

  • Russian-Chinese regional cooperation: status and prospects.
  • Regional security issues on the territory of Belt and Road Initiative.
  • Language and culture as a factor of the Russian-Chinese cooperation.

Working languages: Russian, Chinese.


Location: Novosibirsk, Stantsionnaya Street, 104, IEC "Novosibirsk Expo Centre"

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