American university professor became an Honorary Doctor of NSTU

22 November, 2018 14:47:00
On November 22, Elena Naumova, Professor of Tufts University (Boston, USA), was awarded the certificate of an Honorary NSTU Professor. 
Elena Naumova graduated from Automated Control System Department of NETI (NSTU). She studied in graduate school and successfully completed her thesis. She worked at the Institute of Clinical Immunology of the SB RAMS and the E.M. Meshalkin Institute of Cardiology as a researcher processing the statistical medical data. Later she worked in Japan and the USA. She is currently a professor of mathematics at Tufts University (Tufts University School of Engineering) and academic dean for faculty.
In 2007, Elena Nikolaevna Naumova initiated an international project within the framework of cooperation with the US Environmental Protection Agency to research the effects of global warming. The project was launched and carried out in collaboration with NSTU and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology Vektor. It was finalized in 2010. E. N. Naumova was the executive coordinator of the project, a co-director in the preparation of the report, as well as a scientific consultant and direct developer. The work on the project resulted in numerous joint publications; the research is being carried out by Master Program students at the Computer Engineering Department. The research results are used in the preparation of the PhD theses.

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