How the brain enslaved man: scientific cinema "Brain. The Second Universe”on the big screen at NSTU

04 December, 2018 14:53:00
The Festival of Topical Scientific Films FANK launches Days of Scientific Cinema, a large-scale educational project. On December 4, the project resides at NSTU and shows the film “Brain. The second universe" .
The program includes a film by Russian director Yulia Kiseleva “Brain. Second Universe" and discussion with Anna Yashanina, Assistant of the Psychology and Pedagogy Department of NSTU.

What is the human brain? An organ of the central nervous system, a supercomputer or a host controlling the life of a person? The authors began to make a film about modern brain research in search of answers to the questions: Can I control my behavior, my physiology, my mind, or am I completely dependent on the neural network? The central figures of the film are scientists and ordinary people who happen to be in the sphere of the scientists’ interests. These characters give different answers, unraveling the most complicated mechanisms of how our brain functions. (recommended for those over 12)

The project is supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Dozens of universities throughout the country are to show documentaries about science and new technologies free of charge from October to December 2018.

The project aims at acquainting as many viewers with modern scientific cinema as possible, arouse their interest in science, and perhaps inspire their own research. Project partners are: Invitro, Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Discovery Channel, Russian Geographical Society, International Festival of Green Documentary Film ECOCUP, My Planet TV Channel, EuraSF.

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