NSTU students created the first aggregator platform of events from across the country in Russia

19 December, 2018 10:12:00
NSTU students created the first aggregator platform of events from across the country in Russia
The first Russia's aggregator platform for the events in the country "Event Me!" developed by students of Novosibirsk State Technical University brought the victory at the forum of Cyber Garden IT projects developers "Smart City" in Taganrog in the category "IT-breakthrough". 

"Event Me!"it is a unique aggregator site of events in the sphere of culture and leisure. There is no similar software in Russia, analogues are presented in the form of calendars. The main difference of the development is that the site itself generates the information from all partner sites on the Internet into a single system.

On the website the events can be browsed by category: culture, sports, science, business, food and others. This development will help in choosing an interesting and timely event for each user.

"From the very beginning we did not want to create a project for a certain city or region, so we came up with an event aggregator, a web platform on which events from all over Russia are located, "says Alyona Kanina, the head of the Sibtiger team, Senior Lecturer of Marketing and Service Faculty, Business Department.

The team of students from Automation and Computer Engineering Department and Aircraft Department presented NSTU on the hackathon. The team included Ivan Durnev, Dmitry Shevchenko, Nikita Chubko and Konstantin Skrynnik. Alyona Kanina, Senior Lecturer of the Marketing and Service Faculty, Business Department trained the team.

The ways of monetization were also considered: subscription fee and the payment for raising the block in the event feed. Now the project is at the prototype stage. The work on the aggregator website will continue within the framework of NSTU project activities: the team is improving the interface and mobile version of the site.

For the reference: within the framework of the NSTU project activities the students have already created a kinematic sculpture and finished the work on the cargo drone-convertiplane and the face recognition system.

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