The Top Manager of the Bank of Russia delivered a lecture at the Business Faculty, Novosibirsk State Technical University, NETI

22 April, 2019 14:36:00
The Bank of Russia Open Lecture "Monetary policy. Decision predictability of the Bank of Russia" for students and teachers of the Business Faculty was held in early April at NSTU NETI.

The event was organized by the Audit, Accounting and Finance Department for students of "Economics" and teachers of the Business Faculty. The event was held within the expanding interaction with teachers and students of NSTU, increasing the level of understanding and confidence in the policy of the Bank of Russia, reducing uncertainty about its decisions. The lecture was delivered by Andrey Lipin, Deputy Director of the monetary policy Department of the Bank of Russia (Moscow).

The banker spoke about the Bank of Russia development of monetary policy instruments. He noted the tendency of strengthening the influence of the main state financial institution on inflation expectations and inflation. The lecturer noted that the Bank of Russia seeks to conduct an active information policy, explain the reasons and expected results of its decisions in the field of monetary policy.

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