First prize for torso: NGTU NETI students won the all-Russian competition for turning and milling skills (video)

31 May, 2019 09:29:00
NGTU NETI students won "CNC MASTERS", the all-Russian competition for the best creative project involving turning and milling on CNC machines which ended in Moscow on May 30. The work of NSTU NETI students was ahead of the projects created at Moscow State Technological University "STANKIN", Aerospace College of Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology, Kuzbass State Technical University and Moscow State Educational Complex.

Three students of Mechanical Engineering and Technology Faculty, NSTU NETI created an elaborate sculpture in the form of male torso at the end of April for the competition. The sculpture was made of high-strength alloy of duralumin and organic glass on CNC machines; its height is thirty centimeters and its impressive weight is 4 kilograms. The creators placed the sculpture on a platform with a motor so that it could rotate. The picturesque male torso with its composite surface demonstrates the filigree accuracy of CNC machines. The model is made at NSTU NETI prototyping center.

The project took 3 months to finalize. The sculpture is made for participation in the "CNC MASTERS" contest. According to the competition terms, the team should include four people: three students and a mentor. Anastasia Karmanova, Alexey Vinogradov and Olga Komarovskaya, the students of Mechanical Engineering and Technology Faculty took part in the competition. Alexander Ognev, Associate Professor and leading engineer of Materials Science in Mechanical Engineering Department was the mentor.

"Our students have gone a long way, from suggesting initial sketches to the development of the copyright program for the CNC machine. They faced difficulties, since they hardly had skills to work on the machine, but during the project their skills have grown significantly," said Alexander Ognev. The project allowed participants to explore all the details of CNC machines operating, starting from simple tasks to the most complex ones.

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