Scientific Schools of Thought

05.14.02    Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Optimization of Power Supply Systems
Lead Researcher
       Vadim Manusov D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor  

05.13.17    Computer Methods of Data Analysis and Research of Statistic Regularity   
Lead Researcher
       Boris Lemeshko D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor
        Sergey Postovalov D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.14.02    Control of Power Supply Systems  
Lead Researcher
       Tamara Filippova  D.Sc. (Engineering) , Professor

08.00.05    Development of Contemporary Marketing Theory   
Lead Researcher
       Valentina Titova D.Sc. (Economy), Professor

08.00.05    Development of Methods of Production Organization and Management for Modern Enterprises  
Lead Researcher
       Kahraman Zhurabaev  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.14.0      Energy Saving in Technical Electric Systems   
Lead Researcher
       Nikolay Shchurov D.Sc. (Engineering) , Professor

05.14.12    High Voltage Physics
Lead Researcher
        Sergey Korobeinikov D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor

05.14.02    Management in Power Engineering  
Lead Researcher
       Vikentiy Kitushin  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

01.01.06    Mathematical Logic, Algebra and Number Theory   
Lead Researchers
       Aleksandr Pinus  D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor
       Konstantin Ponomarev  D.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Professor

05.13.18    Methods of Finite Elemental Modelling and High Tech Software   
Lead Researcher
       Yuriy Soloveichik  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.13.17    Methods of Static and Dynamic  Multifactor Stochastic Object Modelling    
Lead Researcher
       Vladimir Denisov  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.27.01    Micro and Nano Electomechanical Systems  
Lead Researcher
       Victor Gridchin  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.14.02    Mode Control of Power Supply Systems
Lead Researcher
       Aleksandr Fishov  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.12.04    Noise Immune Signal Processing for Radio Location, Radio Navigation and Automation of Scientific Experiment  
Lead Researcher
       Aleksey Vostretsov D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

08.00.12    Novosibirsk School of Institutional Economics and Economic Policy
Lead Researcher
       Galina Litvintseva D.Sc. (Economy), Professor

05.09.12    Optimal Energy Devices of Power Electronics  
Lead Researchers
       Gennadiy Zinovyev  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor
       Sergey Kharitonov  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.16.01    Problems of Contemporary Material Science   
Lead Researcher
       Anatoliy Batayev D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.09.10    Resourse Saving and High Electrical Technologies   
Lead Researcher
       Vladimir Cherednichenko  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.07.03    Static and Dynamic Strength, Stability, and Destruction of Aircraft and Mechanical Constructions   
Lead Researcher
       Nikolay Pustovoy  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.13.17    Statistic Methods of Digital Processing of Signals and Images  
Lead Researcher
       Aleksandr Spektor  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

05.13.01    Synthesis of Automated Control Systems   
Lead Researcher
       Anatoliy Vostrikov  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

01.04.14    Thermal Physics and Theoretical Heat Engineering 
Lead Researcher
       Yuri Dyachenko  D.Sc. (Engineering), Professor

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